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Amy’s Baking Co – Reputation Management Anyone?!

I read Jon Morter‘s Facebook thread about Amy’s Baking Company and have been keeping an eye since on this fine example of how not to run a business and how not to deal with reputation management on or offline!

Jon Morter Shares





I shared it with Kimberly Castleberry  


and Mari Smith 



Currently we are all keeping an eye to see how this all pans out, when Jon posted the page had 8383 LIKEs


 less than 6 hours later they have 25389 LIKEs


+9 hour update Update from Amy’s Baking Company local time here in England 08.30 BST!

Am yBaking Co Update

More on Amy!

 The LIKEs are up to 42297 BUT this is honestly not a good strategy for growing a page for your business!

Amys Baking Co Update

I’m surprised the page is still up;- maybe Facebook are as entertained as Amy’s Baking Company’s new fans! What do you thing about it?


  • Talk about snowballing! The funniest comment I saw was from a lady who read about the story on a knitting forum – so it has truly gone viral! The show they were on was filmed in December ’12 but their FB business page is now fast becoming one of the most-discussed FB pages ever. People are even setting up pages for her cats, and for one of the waitresses, it’s incredible. Many lessons there for others on how not to do things.

  • Hi Sadie, This is the first time hearing about this one, Pretty Crazy HUH? Chery 🙂

  • Interesting …. and impressed on how fast a story can travel …

  • When I saw Kimberly’s post about this and have been entertained by the posts in their page, I made sure I watched the whole episode online. As much as I found it hilarious, it was scary how these people was so defensive, as if they believe everyone is just out to get them and will take advantage of them. They refuse to trust anyone which is not a good vibe in business. Let’s see what happens…

  • Wow, I did not hear about this page until I read your post Sadie-Michaela. I don’t think I would want to do anything like this to make my page grow or go viral. Thanks for sharing this story.

  • Okay, I admit I’m totally baffled by this. We don’t have TV or radio reception here, nor do we get the newspaper, so this is all over my head. They’ve apparently changed their page since all of this, because their photo and cover photo are gone. But from what you’ve said, it’s obvious they have a few things to learn!!


  • Hello Sadie…..It’s a little like being in a traffic jam ….and the wreck that is causing the traffic jam is on the other side of the interstate……Rubber neckers giving undo attention to something sad….That’s what all these likes remind me of on their facebook page….What a way to go viral! It is interesting though watching human nature in action ! Smokey

  • Haha! Love it…some people have got a lot to learn. Thanks for sharing this!

  • For some people all publicity is good publicity? the entire show was a train wreck waiting to happen.

    I have a friend who lives nearby and now amount of bringing would make her stop by the restaurant and take a photo for me…

  • This company has provided us countless degrees of amusement mixed with horror as we watched them cascade into trouble. Their PR firm eventually fired them, leading us to ask “what PR firm???”. They are well and truly an extreme case however of what not to do. They are actually challenging to discuss within the context of normal business operations because I think it’s clear to most of us that there are serious psychiatric issues in play. I hope they eventually get the help they need and I don’t think it starts with a new business coach 🙁

    • Heck I don’t think a normal business coach is qualified to help them! I should imagine a lot of their footfall right now is curiosity, but once that dies down, what can they do? I doubt they will survive the long term.

  • This all sounds rather strange – the shadow of social media perhaps…?

  • Hi Sadie,

    When I saw you posting Facebook commentaries from Kimberley Castleberry and Mari Smith, I was curious to check it out.

    I visited the Amy’s Baking Company Fan Page and was immediately taken in by what has been going on. Wow, what a kick!

    I am a fan of Kitchen Nightmares, and for some reason, I missed this episode. I have to watch the episode first, then I will come back and comment. The fan page is entertaining and Amy’s Baking Company has opened up a can of worms!

    The Yelp incident occurred a while ago, but this scenario proves that reviews, good or bad, can create a direct impact on a business. More and more people are writing them and using them to choose which business they patron. The publicity in this case is negative, yet twisted positive. I believe in the the long run, they will get a second chance to fix their reputation, but this period of time of their existence will linger forever. I’ll be back. Thanks Sadie!

    Raena Lynn

  • I can’t wait to get some Battletoads 🙂
    Maybe it’s time to visit Scottsdale …


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