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Best Days to Post on Facebook by Industry Infographic

From April 1st until May 31st last year 1800 Facebook Business pages, owned by big brands worldwide, were analysed by Buddy Media their findings are shared thanks to Bill Ross over at LinchpinSEO in the infographic below. It’s the first I have seen showing differences between a few different industries, how do these compare with the industries you are familiar with?

Best Days to Post on Facebook by Industry Infographic

Facebook Post Data Segmented By Industry infographic designed by Linchpin Infographic Design

Best Days to Post on Facebook by Industry


  • I don’t really have anything to compare it to, since it’s outside my knowledge base, but it’s certainly interesting to see this. The “interaction type” percentages at the top of the infographic didn’t surprise me at all.

  • I have read accounts of the best day to post, and the simplistic ones make conclusions like post on the days and times your audience is around, without ever telling you what those days and times are. As if you had some sort of psychic ability to know when that would be.

    This information is a good place to start when deciding what to do and when to do it with Facebook, thank you Sadie-Michaela for sharing it with us.

  • How useful is this! Thanks for sharing this, I’m gonna have to post this on Facebook now – it’s so useful 🙂

  • Fantastic resource, thanks for sharing this! Obviously any business owner with a Facebook presence should know when to maximize their efforts. Thanks for sharing!

    Dena Lynn

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