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Growing a Business

The 10 Commandments  Growing Businesses SHOULD  follow!

Infographic The 10 Commandments of Should

1. Watch the cash flow.
2. Have a Mobile strategy.
3. Not grow the company broke.
4. Keep the clients happy.
5. Keep the overheads low.
6. Guard thy databases and reputation.
7. Get referrals from existing clients.
8. Reward good employees, fire bad employees.
9. Review the business monthly.
10. Take holidays and time off to recharge.

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QR Code Article – If you only read one QR Code Article this year read this one!

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Via – eBook Writing, Publishing & Marketing With so much information out there on QR codes, I thought it was only best to create one article.



” Good info shared here, I have seen some QR Codes in the most daft spots imaginable including roofs on buildings…!” Sadie

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Yelp and the Factors for Ranking

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Thanks to Sharon Tannenbaum who recommended it. It shares USA centric info but the principles remain the same. We’re keeping our eye on how things progress with Yelp for our UK clients at

The people at Social Media Examiner are always hot on the tail of what is working and what is not! They and their contributors are ahead of the curve for most things Social Media related, Yelp reviews because of their social interation are very popular. Check out the post from them “ Sadie

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83 million Facebook accounts are fakes and dupes

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If you’re using a fake name on your Facebook account, maintaining a personal profile for your beloved pet or have a second profile you use just for logging in to other sites, you have one of the…

“People have talked amout this time and time again, finally it seems like Facebook are tightening up on their own terms and conditions. Heaps of marketers especially those who were selling high ticket Social Media for business courses back in late 2009 and early 2010 were actually teaching strategies which involve multiple Facebook accounts personal accounts – back then there were no business pages. These course flouted Facebooks only terms of service and did nothng other than line the pockets of those who were essentially clueless blaggers!” Sadie

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Pinterest Interest for Businesses

Pinterest offers so much for businesses  even those which would not ordinarily be deemed too interesting to the untrained eye! These days businesses aided by savvy marketers are posting photos to Pinterest at a rapidly increasing rate! I’ve seen pictures of old to new bathrooms and kitchens Pinned by their installers. I’ve seen cars before and after crash damage repairs. I’ve seen landscape garden make overs, new haircuts, keep fit bootcamps and festival site set ups from every angle! You name it and I’m certain that someone will have already Pinned it.

The infographic below with thanks to Local Consulting Systems will explain more and I’ve included a download PDF thanks to Pamela Vaughan which describes in details how to set up and use Pinterest for business.

Pinterest Infographic shows why Pinterest is great for business

Infographic can be purchased from


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Facebook – A to Z Security Guide Infographic

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Infographics on Facebook Security Guide to stay away from Spam and Hacking in Social Networking world with Facebook Spamming Apps with Implementing Security…


“Smashing at a glance A to Z Guide on Facebook Security here. Thanks to AllFacebook and Gerrit Bes for sharing. I think Facebook take security seriously, at least they have not been fined for pricacy breaches in the way that Google recently were. However, I am amazed the way some people put every item of their personal information on to Facebook. This has been especially noticable to me since the Facebook Timeline was introduced. I have seen so many profiles which are a gift for identity theft. It is especially noticable in the younger ages groups on Facebook, I wonder if they view the details as a form which needs to be filled in, in the same way that they would strive to fill out a college application to the fullest. I does concern me though!” Sadie
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Reaching Connected Consumers;- Brands Need Integrated Campaigns

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Brands Need Integrated Campaigns To Reach Connected Consumers – 08/10/2012…



“Absolutely they do! Brands really do need to be implementing a joined up approach to their digital marketing endeavours. Using Mobile, Social and Local is crutial to businesses. Their customer and potential cstomers are alreay engaging in that way. Liking and sharing a they browser the Internet. I would even go as far as saying that if a company does not ahve a Mobile strategy then it does not have a future strategy” Sadie

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Facebook Subscription Payments Go Live

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If Facebook could collect its 30% tax on what we pay monthly for Spotify, Hulu, or Netflix using the subscription payments system it’s rolling out today, it’d have nice new revenue stream to swim in


“As is often the case it’s a numbers game! Spotify might face pull at at 30%, but 10% or 15% might suit them! Those millions stack up.” Sadie

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