Do 80% of Facebook Ad clicks come from bots?

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StartUp Limited Run say in their experience YES!!
New York-based online music startup Limited Run has ditched Facebook after its research revealed an alleged advertising scam. The company claims that 80 percent of its online ad clicks on Facebook were generated from automated ‘bots,’ not humans.

Lets keep in mind ” No publicity so they say,[whoever they are] is bad publicity!” So moving swiftly on!…
I started reading this over on and shared on Google+1 too, collegues from the online community substantiation required…
I’d left a comment over one the Media Post post
“Interesting post thanks for sharing, is there any substantiation to go along with it or any other possible explanation for your experiences? As you say 80% is high bot ratio!… through the roof really! To this end I’m wondering if other people are experiencing the same issues, or have the same doubts.” :o)”
so far no reply :o) Sadie
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