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Facebook – Size Matters!

Facebook where size matters! You might have noticed some posts displaying photos which appear wonky or out of sinc on Facebook. Generally speaking this is because an image has been used which is not the ideal size. If you have not yet discovered the benefits of using Facebook for business you might like to check out our page where we have added a smashing infographic and video

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Here is a list which may help you to display images beautifully…

Facebook Image Sizes

Cover Photo
851 x 315 pixels

Profile Picture
160 x 160 pixels
Must be uploaded sized at least 180 x 180 pixels

Distance between left boundary and profile picture
23 pixels

Distance between top boundary and profile picture
210 pixels

Profile Picture border size
5 pixels

App Preview Image
111 x 74 pixels

Distance between App preview images
8 pixels

Total length of adjustable app preview images, with gaps
349 pixels

Shared Image size on Timeline
403 x 403 pixels
Up to 960 x 720 pixels in lightbox, can be uploaded up to 2048 pixels

Status Update
63,206 characters

Link Preview
90 x 90 pixels
Both Title Tag and Meta Description can be edited by clicking on the preview text

Highlighted Post/Milestone
843 x 403 pixels

Profile Picture In Stream
50 x 50 pixels

Shared Image In Stream
398 x 298 pixels

Profile Picture on Facebook Sponsored Story Ads
32 x 32 pixels

Sponsored Story Body Copy
90 Characters

Sponsored Story Image Size
194 x 139 pixels

Album Image Preview type 1
129 x 129 pixels
Can show either 6 or 9 photos at this size

Album Image Preview type 2
398 x 264 pixels
Three 129 x 129 pixel boxes underneath

Album Image Sizing type 3
196 x 196 pixels
Two preview images

Facebook Ad Image Size
100 x 72 pixels

Facebook Ad Title Copy
25 characters

Facebook Ad Body Copy
90 characters

Shared YouTube Video Preview
130 x 73 pixels

Shared Facebook Video preview
398 x 223 pixels

You might like to check out a tool  which is free to use with no sign up necessary and it enables you to make chic looking graphics easily for Facebook Cover Photos. They have a picture editor too Sharon Tannenbaum told me about it 🙂












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  • What a terrific resource list! Thank you for taking the time to provide this information – I’ve made a copy for future reference.

    • Thanks Marty 🙂

  • Awesome list of size/scaling and dimension stats for Facebook. The specific little nuances of the images can be enough to drive one batty! Love this resource, thanks Sadie!

    • I’m with you sister! It’s a head wrecker! 🙂

  • I agree! This is a great list! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. Thank you for your help.

    • Thanks Gary 🙂

  • Excellent thank you, very useful 🙂 And love this theme.

  • This will certainly come in handy, Sadie.

    I know you can get the specs from FB, but you’ve got to jump through hoops and waste a bunch of time to do so.

    The “look” of your pages, posts, profile and tabs are far more important than a lot of people realize, so it’s critical to do it right.

    This info will help a lot! Thanks.

    • Thanks David. Quite correct too in that just having the the pixels slightly out can really spoil the look of your graphics 🙂

  • It is great to see a list of sizes to go by. When I do graphic design jobs, I really rely on these types of lists so my clients are happy. Thanks!

    • Thanks Nile 🙂

  • Hi Sadie-Michaela,

    as all the commentators said before, this post is a valuable post that can be very helpful for sorting out the size of pictures for Facebook.

    Very clear and easy to understand.

    Thank you for putting this together!

    To your success!


  • Thank you Sadie for this information I have struggled in the past with making my images fit. Now that I have your guide it will be a piece of cake.

  • A really useful list on Facebook sizes – thanks Sadie for sharing this resource

  • Thank you Sadie. I was just having a conversation the other day on Facebook with a graphic designer and she was talking about why the images I was uploading were not displaying properly.

    Turns out I was way off the 403 square but when I was creating them I had no idea what the right size was. Now that I do, my images look ever so much better. And I am avoiding the dread pixelation curse. 🙂

    • I am pleased to have been of help Michael 🙂

  • Thanks for this list Sadie! I think I just found a new addiction with PicMonkey! That is too fun!

  • This is a GREAT reference for facebook photos! Thank you! I will bookmark this page with my handy keep for later stuff! You really included some important dimensions like sponsored stories sizes and ad sizing. That really helps and I will pass on!

  • Great little checklist thanks Sadie.

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