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Gmail Shortcuts A Cheat Sheet

We often set up clients with a Gmail account to use in conjunction with YouTube channels, Google Analytics and the like but I never knew about these short cuts until recently and I’m guessing that I’m not the only one!  Having discovering this rather  splendid infographic by Visualeks, thanks to then, I thought I’d share them here … I’m a big fan of infographic;-s this one I found over on

Let me know if you find them useful 🙂

Gmail Shortcuts



  • Is it bad that I want to print this out and hang it on the wall next to my desk? I use Gmail for both personal/blogging email and for my work email, and even though I’m immersed in it daily, I still don’t know all of these shortcuts. Thank you for this handy infographic! I’m pinning it on Pinterest now.

  • Hey there…
    Sometimes I like the infographics, sometimes not because they can be difficult to read. This one I’m not sure what it’s telling me .. I’ll have to come back and review.. plus I think the length of infographics keep people from staying to read it … thank you for the new experience! 🙂

  • HI Sadie, Yes I did find out that I needed to use my g-mail to set up my Youtube channel as well as to use Analytics but I never knew about these shortcuts… This is a great infographic, Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂

  • Sadie, I don’t know…..I am overwhelmed wading through this. I am comfortable using g-mail like I am without using all these shortcuts. Maybe I could learn to add a couple at a time. Sometimes I think there are too many new changes when what we have works….ya know?
    I do love infographics though!
    Thanks a bunch!

  • This is a very helpful infographics, thank you so much for sharing. My favorite if the shift + / where I could just display the shortcuts help menu from any page so I can look for what I need at that time instead of memorizing all these or printing the entire infographics.

  • This infographic is hard to read, but I would struggle through it if I didn’t also need stronger reading glasses. I may have missed it, but… do you know if there is a way to sort Gmail emails automatically as they come in? It’s so time-consuming to sort them all and file them manually.


  • Hi Sadie-Michaela,
    Thanks so much for sharing this helpful infographic on using gmail shortcuts. There is so much to learn when using the internet and anything that can make it easier to use it is fantastic.

  • I love shortcuts… and gmail, what a great find!!!! Thanks for posting!

  • Maybe if we learn a few of these a day, it will be easier. What I want to know most in gmail, is how to edit an existing subject heading, when replying to an existing email. Now we have the changed gmail, I can’t find a way to edit existing message, anyone else found a way to do that?

  • So many of us rely on gmail, Sadie-Michaela, that having a cheat sheet like this handy will help us quickly access features we need.

    Nice infographic, makes referencing the functions you need quick and simple.

    Thanks for passing it along.

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