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How to Ensure Emails can be Read Easily on a Mobile Phone

Some companies are reporting that as many as 40% of the emails that they send are being accessed for reading from a mobile device – add that to the knowledge we have that smartphones and tablets are increasing in popularity and market share and it’s easy to understand why businesses are paying attention to the way their emails look on a mobile device.

That’s all very well, but many business owners have no idea why it makes a difference if readers are opening an email on a smartphone  or on a desktop computer. If you are one of those folks;- comes down to the fact, that despite what you many have heard Size DOES matter! 

An email which has been optimised for reading on the mobile web- is an HTML email designed to be read on a smartphone, the screen size for which would be 320 x 480 pixels 

Keep it simple – Multi-tasking mobile users like clear and concise content that enables them to act fast.

How to ensure emails are read on a mobile device

Make it scrollable and easy to read … graphics help. It helps page load time if your readers are given the opportunity to click only on the images which are of interest to them

How to ensure emails are read on a mobile device

Make it clickable use chunky buttons make big areas clickable with images!

Think about users with fat fingers! After all none of us have fingers that are able to click an area with mouse precision!

How to ensure emails are read on a mobile device

 Ask your email provider about the possibilities you have for sending mobile optimised emails. Thanks to Responsys for the data and graphics shared here. 🙂


  • Sadie-Michaela this is wonderful information! I had no idea about the size issue, but now that you explain it, it makes perfect sense. I love your suggestion about clickable images to. Great post!

  • Thanks Sadie, although I have a mobile phone, I still don’t like them. and especially for reading email. I do understand though, that other people love their phones, my daughter gets her emails on her phone and so does her boyfriend. They like to sit and watch TV and look at their email as it comes in.

  • Thanks you for bringing this to my attention, Sadie-Michaela. I don’t read my email on my phone, and tend to forget that a lot of people do. I have bookmarked this article with the intention of coming back to it when I’m creating sales emails in the future. Knowing the correct size will be particularly useful.



  • Its so much better having an android now looking at emails and using the web to search, most sites are mobile compatible these days but the ones that aren’t really are quite difficult and take to much time to read!

    Regards, Jessica.

  • Sadie-Michaela,

    I can’t tell you the times I’ve had to “open-up” my emails to be able to read them. I’ll have to look into what my emails look like on the other end. There is a never ending stream of stuff that we must be aware of like never before. Thanks for the heads up!


  • Very interesting information. Wow, that is all good to know. Thank you for sharing Sadie-Michaela.

  • Sadie,
    now this is super.. wow, you are sure a professional in this business..

    Your explanations of how to and why create emails easy to read and scroll down and make them very clear… wow, these are very good suggestions that people who is doing business via emails MUST pay attention that SIZE MATTER…

    Thanks for your great sharing Sadie.
    Look forward to read more of what you learn along the way of your professional business.

    • I’m look for some beautiful templates but none found so far, I have chatted with Aweber and List Animal. My friend Laura at http://yadayadamarketing.com has been on the look out too, she is streaks ahead of most people when it comes to mobile and she has some super industry contacts too so fingers crossed it won’t be long before we see beautiful designed mobile emails 😉

  • Hi Sadie:

    Thanks for the helpful information! Do you know if you can optimize an e-mail for mobile and non-mobile use at the same time?


  • Hi Sadie-Michaela,

    Great info on making sure your emails are correctly sized to be viewed on mobile phones. I check my email all the time from my phone and I really appreciate it when they are sized correctly and easy for me to read. I will have to see if MailChimp does this for my email newsletter that I send out. Thanks for the tips!

  • Great advice here, thanks for sharing this… I shall add it to my to-do list asap 🙂

  • Optimization for Mobile should be number one on the list for Web Developers. As the mobile continues to grow, it’s imperative that user has a pleasant viewing experience or else they’ll be gone immediately.

    Good info in the piece, and thanks for the pixel info. That can get lost by many.

    Check your site on different mobile devices consistently.

    • Good advice Steve 🙂

      Check your site on different mobile devices consistently

  • I am pretty much a desktop power user kind of person, so it doesn’t dawn on me that so many people read their email on their phones. But what you have written about here makes perfect sense to me.

    I do send html email, mine are not loaded with graphics, but I could certainly change the size of them so that they would fit on a single screen. Thank you Sadie-Michaela

  • Hi Sadie,

    Many thanks for sharing , so true it is so important to be able to read email messages from mobiles. Let’s hope there will be better options for presentation of mobile emails in 2013.


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