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It’s Time to Go Mobile | Peterborough Try Google’s Interactive Mobile PlayBook

Ladies and Gentleman take a peak at this exciting Go Mobile information!
It’s hot off the  press from Google to help guide business owners to Go Mobile the right way.
We LIKE that!

Just look at what it covers… altogether very useful information.

Index of topics covered in Google's Mobile PlayBook

How does mobile change our value proposition?
How does mobile impact our digital destinations?

Is our organisation adapting to mobile?

How should our marketing adapt to mobile?
How can we connect with our tablet audience?

This presentation was for the USA. Google have not yet made one for the English market but as is the case with most things online the UK follow the USA however the UK is streaks ahead with Mobile. These days if your business does not have a Mobile Strategy it does not have a future Strategy to be honest!  🙂


  • Sadie Michaela,

    Thank you so much for offering this highly informative post. I have been resisting getting involved with Mobile marketing since there is so much else I am still attempting to acc0mplish online. Now I know what a resource your site is and I will be returning often.


    Dr. Erica

  • Great information Sadie-Michaela. About all I’ve done as far as my blog was to make sure that it comes across and looks good on mobile devices. I find I’m far more interested at the moment in mobile opportunities for my books. Thanks!

  • Sadie,
    Great information here! I know so many people who have mobile phones and can access the internet. It’s great and they have fun with it. For me, I am usually home and don’t feel I need to check in with FB or other networks…I’ll be home soon….if you know what I mean. If I have my laptop when we go out of town…..that’s great for me. But for those who are on the go and want to be connected, it’s an awesome thing.

  • Hi Sadie
    Here in the UK we love our mobile apps and mobile marketing is a natural extension of this – thank you for sharing the playbook.

  • Thanks so much Sadie M.,
    I have been reading about mobile marketing and otehr stuff,,, but did not noticed it got so big that Google took up as it did… THANTS so much for bringing it up and for all what you are doing to share what is important… for certain this is the site I will come back soon and get the whole scoop as I need it…
    ‘Thanks again

    • For the past 3 years or so I’ve heard from many sources ‘This is the year of Mobile!
      Smartphone up take keeps growing year on year, I just heard the other day that there are now more people on the planet that own Mobile phone than there are people who own a toothbrush Nick!
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  • Hi Sadie,

    thank you for providing this obviously useful information.

    Thank you for the link to the Google mobile info PDF.

    I appreciate that you have brought my attentions to this.

    To your success!

    • It’s the first time I have seen Google use this Playbook format Yorinda, I felt it was fresh 🙂

  • Sadie Michaela,

    I’m glad that you put out this information. This will come in handy when I get further along with my blogging experience.


    • Shout if you need any help Melanie 🙂

  • Hi Sadie,

    Your so right, everybody on this planet has a mobile phone and if you can market to people on their mobile phones they carry them everywhere and they are literally attached to their hip then why not?!

  • I haven’t been that interested in mobile marketing before, however I am finding that what everyone has been saying (about the future potential of this) is coming true. I find myself doing more and more from my phone, not to mention others I know. All marketers need to pay attention to this and get on board.

  • Hi Sadie,
    if everyone is like me traveling so often for sure mobile marketing is the future. I have to admit I am still resisting learning more as I feel there is so much that needs to be learned on the internet and a big screen before going mobile.
    Maybe I am wrong, but I feel I 1st need to find the tools that work best for me before going to mobile marketing, what do you think?

    • Have a look at the video over here and see what you think Patricia

      My thought is we don’t have to learn everything and do everything ourselves. Thanks for taking time to comment, 🙂

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