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When potential customers look at your website on a smartphone what do they see?

There are now more than 1 billion smartphones in use world wide.
That’s equal to about a seventh of the world’s population!
A year on year growth of 46.6% compared to the same period last year.
To reach this point 1.038 billion smartphone users  worldwide took 16 years.
The 2nd billion users it is anticipated to take less than 3 years.

When potential customers look at your website on a smartphone what do they see?

At the recent Think Mobile presentation, Google reported a 400% increase in the number of searches compared to the same period last year.

1 in 5 searches are now being carried out on Smartphone or Mobile device.

The numbers are even more striking for local businesses, you see 1 in every 3 Mobile searches is now Local.
This means that 1 in 3 people using the internet are on a Mobile device are searching for a local business  in their area. Staggering already!

In reality what this means is if businesses do not have a mobile optimised version of their website they are missing a large opportunity to do business.

So, back to the original question;- What does your website look like on a mobile device?

Mobile usage is expected to exceed desktop usage next year and Mobile sales have already exceed desktop pc sales. This means the majority of visitors to your website will soon be on a mobile device. Are you read for them?

If you were on a Mobile device which site would you prefer to be surfing on?

               This…                                       Or this…

Graphic shows example of Website Not Optimised for Mobile BrowsingGraphic showing an example of Website Optimised for Mobile Browsing

The new generation Mobile users are rarely just randomly surfing the web. 

They are generally looking for specific information. Like opening hours, phone number, address, the services you off. If they can’t find what they are looking for they will go elsewhere. This mean your competitors win business that could have been yours!

The problem with most websites is they are not designed for Mobile phones making them hard to read and to navigate for Mobile users. They take a long time to load, key information like phone number and email address are not displayed prominently. Users have to scroll side to side and zoom in and out to read the information. Surveys have shown that when visitors land on a site like that they quickly leave – Opportunity lost!

With a well designed Mobile website the difference is huge. ..The key information is easily accessible from the home page and customers can call you with ease using a click to call button. Important information like directions and opening times can be found easily. A Mobile website will be designed to resize automatically when it detects all the most popular Smartphone devices. This means users will no longer have to scroll from side to side or zoom in and out to
read the content. Best of all is the super simple design means it loads fast and that’s really of HUGE importance to customers when they are on the move.

The good news is that these days creating a Mobile website for your business is affordable and it could just make all the difference to your business. Mobile marketing is huge and growing everyday, don’t let your competitors pass you by, scooping all the customers that could have been yours. 

Think smart… think Smartphone! We think you’ll be pleased that you did! 🙂


  • Great advice! I checked the view of my site on a couple of different mobile sites earlier this year – it looked good so I pretty much forgot about it. Then the other day I checked my Google Analytics and was stunned to see the sharp increast in mobile users! Yup, definitely going to take another look at this important market. Thanks!

  • This is such a great post because it clearly shows people the difference between a regular site and a responsive theme that is mobile ready The link to the video is also great and explains everything so clearly. Some people think that if the site shows up on an iPhone then everything is great. What they do NOT realize is that the site might “look” nice on an iPhone but the text is really too small for anyone to actually read. Therefore, it is imperative that a web designer make your site responsive so that when the site detects that it’s being viewed on an iPad or an iPhone or Android, or whatever, it will actually re-arrange parts of itself (the web page) so that people can read and benefit from the site.

    Great job!

  • Hi Sadie

    You’re speaking from my message book. Trying to spread the word that websites that aren’t adapted for smartphones are very frustrating to view. It takes time to get the message out that there is an alternative.

  • I sure don’t like looking at some sites on a smartphone! I can tell you that… If I can’t read it easily, i’m gone ( or if it’s important enough to me, I wait til I can see it on my Mac! A mobile website is certainly to one’s advantage! Agreed!

  • Sadie,
    I do not know how to thank you for all the great resources and information you share here with all of us.. I can just say THANK YOU with sincerity.

    What you shared is so true and in my situation it is even more then that… I am very behind all this SmartPhone thing… I some how refused to get to know more then the basics.. . BUT after reading your posts and look around and finding my self way behind, I must say… you convinced me to get more deeply into smart phones and what can be done with it, because if I do not do it now, I am not certain I can do at a later time.

    Thanks so much again and again Sadie.

    • You’re welcome Nick good luck with it, shout if you need any help 🙂

  • Sadie-Michaela,

    I have resisted even looking at this question for my website. Now, as you have so aptly pointed out, it is a must. I know I get a bit annoyed when I get a full sized website on my phone and have to expand and scroll all over the place. It’s like you have to have tiny, tiny fingers to push a button. In our impatient world that’s not going to work.



  • I never thought that I would have viewers on cel phones, this is so true!
    If people read their mails why shouldn’t they check websites?

    I guess I had not thought of that because I would never comment on someone’s blog via mobile phone because everything is so tiny, I guess I need to think this over and try to see how my site looks on mobile phones;)

    Thanks for sharing Sadie- Michaela!

    • Patrica, as much as I love the mobile web I am not relishing the day when we do everything on a mobile device, I find smartphones especially small screens. I prefer my laptop to my netbook in terms of screen size and I prefer desktop over all but it’s just not practical for me to fly with! 🙂

  • Hey,

    Thanks for your post, i think it’s so important to have a mobile savvy website especially these days as everyone goes to their phone as sometimes its much quicker and easier! the second website picture there is definately the best and easiest to read!

    Regards, Jessica.

  • Sadie Michaela,

    I have been basically ignoring all the messages telling me to get my web sites mobile ready. As Marquita said, I have checked my site on my DroidX and thought “It looks pretty good” and forgot about it. But I realize now that people are impatient, especially those who are mobile savvy. If they have to scroll up and down and from side to side, they will probably just go somewhere else – or they will check back when they are on their full computer.

    Since I have not purchased anything directly from my phone, I haven’t realized how many people are using their phones for everything. Thanks for the nudge. Maybe in 2013 I will get my sites mobile ready – after I have launched a few courses I am preparing.


    Dr. Erica

    • Dr. Erica, thanks for dropping by. For the past 2 years now I have been hearing people in the mobile industry, “One day soon we’ll all be leaving our wallets at home and we will be using mobile phones to pay for everything” I’m not sure how far away that day is and at this point I’m not relishing the idea but I do not doubt it is coming! 🙂

  • You have opened my eyes to a new world of information that has only helped my business. I was not surprised when I read this article being you wrote it! Well Done!

    I never gave this any serious thought until now. I have viewed my site and others with no problem in adjusting my device to view? I thought all the smart phones had this capability yet I must learn more as Nick C stated him also.

    I just use a simple phone and do not need that device so I never educated myself on all the various other manufacturers specs.

    Most of the people I know have a built in service that has adjustments when viewing sites. Now if you have a phone that is limited then that is when you can not read it with easy viewing. Yet, I must agree to look deeper into this and get back with methods for people.

    Hey, there are too many specs when you look to purchase phones and computers. We have to adapt or loose out on all those new customers speaking from being a business owner.

    Thanks my lovely friend once again for saving me countless dollars and hours of research.

    • Thanks your support William 🙂

      This is a handy link to our Mobiveiwa http://gomosolo.com/SiteViewer/linkgenerator.php

      It is a simulator which means that it does not identify if a mobile redirect script is in place when one adds a url for testing. This is because a simulator test the specific link as inserted.

      As an example, our main site is at gomosolo.com and our mobile site is at m.gomosolo.com
      If someone visits our main site on a mobile device our redirect script will identify that and redirect the user to our mobile site.

      As mentioned the simulator can’t identify the mobile site unless specifically told where to look.

      To this end viewing this url gomosolo.com in the simulator would show the visitor how our desktop site appears on a mobile phone.
      Viewing this url m.gomosolo.com in the simulator would show the visitor how the site mobile users are diverted to looks on a mobile phone.

      Please feel free to share the link with anyone who might be keen to see the difference a mobile optimised site makes to mobile users. 🙂

  • Hi Sadie-Michaela,

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have just started a new blog after 4 years on a well established site. So I get to make sure I do everything right from the start this time. Checking how my site looks on different phones is something to add to my to do list.

    Thanks for the great information and reminder 🙂

    Beth 🙂

    • Hello Beth

      Wishing you great enjoyment with your new blog.
      I have just posted some info in reply to William which might help you when you reach that point on your to do list! 🙂

  • Hi Sadie. This is a very timely blog. We all need to keep on top of the industry, and it’s so easy to do the same old thing. I am using WordPress JetPack to make my blog mobile, but I’ll have to check out what other things I can do. I have a great course on how to go mobile that I haven’t even looked at yet. Guess I’ll have to get off my duff and do so. Thanks for poking me with a stick! 🙂

    All the best,

    • Leslie, give me a shout if you need any help 🙂
      WordPress is much heavier than a mobile site needs to be although it is an easy solution if you are already au fait with it.
      I’ll have my team make you a mockup so that you can see how your site could function as a mobile site. 🙂

  • Hi Sadie-Michaela, I have just recently discovered that I need to make my site mobile friendly and I will need to address it soon because more and more people are using their smartphones to surf the net and look up info. Thanks for covering such a timely subject!

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