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Why Consumers LOVE Mobile and why mCommerce is important to them

This rather beautiful infographic from Merchant Warehouse in the USA examines the main benefits of mCommerce for the consumer. It shows at a glance why companies are starting to take mobile payments seriously. Not before time really!

At a glance you can see that 73% of those surveyed said that have used their mobile phone to browse while in a shop.
38% have already used their mobile phone to make a purchase and 21% have used their mobile phone to look for coupons whilst in a shop! Numbers not to be ignored by smart business owners!

How do these numbers look to you. Myself I am at 100%!
I’m in with the 73%, the 38% and the 21% 🙂

Read about mCommerce in the uk


  • It’s very interesting, overall, to see the impact that mobile phones, tablets, and phablets (phone tablets, like the Galaxy Note) are making on advertising. Put that together with content marketing and social media, and it can be a large but exciting learning curve. I’m glad we have bloggers like yourself to show us the way!

    • Please you found it interesting Stephen 🙂

  • Hi Sadie,

    Thanks for sharing this infograph. Mobile is our future and it is becoming more and more apparent every day. I remember when the QR codes came out I had one on the back of my business card. I got all different reactions from “What is that?” to “It’s ugly!” Now we see them everywhere. This infograph shows that customers use them for in-store rewards in addition to contact information, promotions, contests, and discounts to name a few.

    The graph showing the contactless payment trend is astonishing! Also the fact that Discover Networks has already installed 160,000 contactless readers in stores and restaurants is another sign to pay attention to. Now is the time to start taking advantage of this “in your face” trend. Thanks!

    Raena Lynn

    • I’m absolutely with you on this Raena!

  • Sadie-Michaela, You are really making me realize the importance of including mobile commerce as a tool for making your business more successful. I just recently got a tool so I can process payments on my mobile phone when I’m doing cooking classes and workshops. Thanks for the great infographic!



  • Oh I do this all the time. Whenever I’m in the store and I see something I want to buy, I get my phone rightaway, see if I can get a better deal online and also try to read reviews. I also check my emails for coupons if I can save more 🙂

  • Hi Sadie,

    Many thanks for sharing . It is so true mobile is very important for business to reach customers . Many thanks for sharing this valuable information. Rosemary

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