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Will The UK Embrace Making Payments Mobile Phone in 2013?

According to Vodafone boss Vittorio Colao the UK will be embracing payments via mobile phone this year. In a recent interview with The Telegraph,  Mr Colao claimed it was,

“European bureaucracy, which had put the UK well behind America on the mobile payments front, even though both countries had started work on their respective schemes the same time.”


“In Europe everything takes too long because we have organisations and bureaucratic controls that are excessive,” he said. “Now that we have the authorisations we will do our best [to launch mobile payments as soon as we can] but getting the permissions takes longer in Europe. Everything takes longer. It’s a general problem of Europe. Even within each country, there is too much bureaucracy.”

For the moment at least it seems that bureaucracy is therefore holding up technology. What a surprise!

Mobile Wallet

Interestingly to me though is the shear number of people who do not yet trust online payments of any kind.  Working remotely from  in Guildford at private members club with a varied aged group of members, a couple of days ago I stuck up a conversation with a couple of retired gents  who were sitting at the adjacent table as I was working away on  my laptop.

Bob began to tell me he had ordered 2 musical boxes by post for Christmas gifts and although the money for both transactions had been taken from his bank account the gifts had not been received. He called the helpline, had not felt comfortable giving his payment card details to call centre agent because he had ordered by post and paid by cheque. The agent told him he would need to send an email! Unfortunately Bob had no notion of how to do so an was told there was no other option available to him. To this end I wonder with concern about how many of the older generation are going to be left behind when presented with ever increasing use of smartphones in everyday life. After all if these retired chaps that I spoke with have not yet entered a comfort zone with the use of email it would seem highly unlikely that they will readily accept the pace with which mobile technology is progressing let alone feel comfortable using it.

Meanwhile those who have embraced the increased functionality available to them with a smartphone are waiting  for more! According to a recent study by  Moosylvania ;- 44% of smartphone owners say they would like to be able to use a mobile wallet on their devices to pay for purchases.

What say you readers?
Have you made a purchase from your Mobile phone already? If not would you be comfortable doing so if the option was available?



  • Really interesting Sadie While I have totally embraced technology from my laptop and do all of my financial business online – I am still very resistant to the idea of following that path with a mobile device. I may have no choice but to work on an attitude adjustment this year however since I’m planning to be on the road for nearly a month this spring.

    • Oh Marty, I have to confess despite my business and all that I do being so much so mobile orientated, I do so love working for on a big screen if I am doing anything for any length of time. I’ve spent the last 6 weeks mobile so I’m with ‘ya sista’ I feel for you! The transition would be all the easier to manage if companies had good well optimised mobile websites for us mobile on the road types! Look forward to reading about your trip on your blog! 🙂

  • Sadie, wow, you sure are on top of the Digital Mobile network.. how in the world you get to know all this info, I am not certain but I am sure a lot of people in Europe is glad to read what you have to write because it is so essential.

    Yes, I know how the UK works… and as you already know, it is all EU.. I was in Italy back in the 60’s and I run out of there to Germany, it was better, but once I got to Canada in 1964, I truly find out it was different…

    Then I went back in Italy in 1979 believing things have changed and so I could settle my family there… well, it was a short visit… and went back to Canada and never thought to go back and live in Italy.. WHY?? because everything takes forever and you need to bribe every one for everything in order to get something going… well, they can have it… Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.. it is always helpful.

    • I concur with you Nick there are some countries in which I have lived and operated businesses where it takes an age to get anything done. I find it hard to do business in these places being of a more impatient nature myself! Perhaps this is why I enjoy the fast pace world online! 🙂

  • Interesting! I don’t like using mobile phones, but do make payments from my laptop. It is not that I don’t “trust” it, but I still have a flip phone lol.

    True! I work from home and am in front of the screen most of the day. When I go out, I don’t want to have anything to disturb me.

    Back to the mobile: I do worry about the senior citizens because they find it challenging just to get an email! I have volunteered for a few seniors to teach them the basics. But it was a disaster!

    Hope it all works out,

    • Donna I too am concerned about Seniors being left behind with the rate the technology is moving.
      In France these days we can no longer withdraw cash easily using a cashier / teller. I watched in my local bank as the cashier told a very elderly farmer that he was to tell no one his ATM pin number except the cashier himself! I realise the man in the bank was only trying to help but the the fact is with PIN we should give them to no one and the bank should never ask for it! Worrying.

      As you say many older people are not even au fait with emails, my dad is now very comfortable with then but it did take sometime. These days he’s a Ebay buying and selling demon! 🙂

  • I’m very hesitant to use a mobile phone for any financial transactions because I have heard too many bad stories. I’m perfectly happy using my computer, though, and rely on automatic transfers for all my regular bills. I just don’t trust the security on a phone yet.

    Thanks for sharing, Sadie-Michaela!


    • Always wise to be cautious with financial transactions for the moment the capability is not readily available 🙂

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